Emergency Medical Technician - Certificate (Major Code - EMT)

The Emergency Medical Technician Certificate provides a study of anatomy and physiology, signs and symptoms of illness and injury, patient assessment, procedures associated with the provision of emergency medical care, triage, basic life support systems, and basic legal responsibilities. Equips students with the knowledge and skills required by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) and the Arizona Department of Health Services – Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (ADHS-BEMS) to practice as an Emergency Medical Technician. Students desiring NREMT/ADHS-BEMS certification must complete the state-required number of clinical experience hours with an Emergency Medical Service provider of out-of-hospital emergency care. Meets the ADHS-BEMS guidelines and is approved by the state of Arizona and the National Registry of EMTs.

Medical Direction: Arizona Certified EMTs are authorized to provide treatment, perform procedures, and utilize skills—as defined by the 2009 National EMS Education Standards—only under the medical control of an approved medical director or certified base hospital.

Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete this program will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to perform a wide range of duties for employment in a modern medical facility.
  • Identify and assess the signs and symptoms of illness and injury in patients and conduct triage as needed.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic human anatomy and physiology in the application of emergency medical care.
  • Provide medical care and basic life support to patients with respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, allergic, and OB/GYN emergencies, and with age-related and traumatic injuries.
  • Demonstrate various examination techniques on patients with a medical- or injury-related complaint or problem.
  • Demonstrate the skills required by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

Degree Map


EMT 174Emergency Medical Technician*



In order to complete the certificate, students must complete EMT 174 with a grade of B or better.

To prepare for state or national certification, students must 1) complete EMT 174 with a grade of B or better, 2) pass final exams with a grade of B or better, 3) document ten (10) patient contacts in the field, and 4) be 18 within six months of program completion.