Administrative Staff

Gabriela Amavizca; Academic/Career Advisor (2011)

Cochise College, A.A.

Western New Mexico University, B.B.A.

Marisol Arenivas; Director, Residential/Student Life (2012)

Sul Ross State University, M.A., M.Ed.

James Barrows; Assistant Director, Maintenance/Operations (2012)

University of Idaho, B.S.

Naval Postgraduate School, M.S.

Byron Berry; Associate Director, Facilities/Maintenance (1997)

Cochise College, A.A.

Dr. Alan Biel; Executive Dean of Academics (2017)

Pudue University, Ph.D.

University of Iowa, B.S.

Mark Boggie; Dean, Student Services/Title IX Deputy Coordinator/Investigator (2007)

University of Arizona, B.S.

University of Phoenix, M.A.

Carla Boyd, Director, Disability Services (2014)

University of Northern Arizona, B.S., M.Ed.

Tammy Brewer; Testing Services Specialist (2016)

University of Oklahoma, M.A.

Texas A&M University, B.A.

Crown College, St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, B.A.

Dr. Eric Brooks; Dean, Liberal Arts (2018)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

University of Arizona, M.A., Ph.D.


Scott Clark; Chief Technology Officer (2017)

North Central University, B.A.

Fuller Theological Seminary, M.A.

Debbie Craig; Payroll Supervisor (2017)

Cochise College, A.A.

Wayland Baptist University, B.S.

Karen Dale; Director, Continuous Improvement (2014)

University of Arizona South, B.S.

Capella University, M.S.

Daniel del Rio; Network Administrator (2018)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

Randy Denney; Director, Occupational Health/Safety/Title IX Deputy Coordinator/Investigator (2013)

Olivet College, B.A.

Frank Dykstra; Executive Director, Facilities Management/Planning (1989)

West Texas State University, B.S.

Karen Emmer; Director, Financial Aid (2010)

Weber State University, B.S.

Colorado State University, M.Ed.

Jordan Fischer; Institutional Research Analyst (2015)

University of South Carolina, B.A.

Armstrong State University, M.A.

Sierra Fultz; Athletic Trainer (2017)

Lindenwood University, M.E.A.

Graceland University, B.A.

Gabriel Galindo; Director, Santa Cruz Center (2015)

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Northern Arizona University, M.Ed.

Sharon Gilman; Director, Center Lifelong Learning (2008)

St. Edward’s University, B.A.

Texas State University, M.P.A.

Polly Gosa; Director, Nursing (2015)

University of Phoenix, B.S.N., M.S.N.

Jennifer Graeme; Director, Talent Management/Title IX Deputy Coordinator/Investigator (2013)

New Mexico State University, B.A.

Dr. James “Bo” Hall; Dean, Student Services/Title IX Deputy Coordinator/Investigator (1983)

Cochise College, A.A.

Grand Canyon College, B.A.

University of Arizona, M.Ed., Ed.D.

Bethany Hill; Assistant Director, Nursing (2015)

Cochise College, A.S.

University of Phoenix, B.S., M.S.

Denise Hoyos; Executive Director, Foundation/External Affairs (2001)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.A.

Western International University, M.B.A.

Lamar Innes; Director of Athletic Operations (2017)

Brigham Young University, B.S.

California Baptist University, M.S.

Dr. Joan Jorgensen; Instructional Designer (2016)

Western International University, B.A., M.B.A.

Chapman University, M.A.

Capella University, Ph.D.

John "Mike" Kehoe; Chief Flight Instructor (2018)

Loyola University, B.B.A.

Dr. Beth Krueger; Dean, Math and Sciences (2014)

University of Tampa, B.S.

University of Rochester, M.S.

University of Texas – Austin, Ph.D.

Jennifer Lakosil; Dean, Nursing and Health Sciences (2015)

University of Arizona, B.S.N.

University of Texas Medical Branch, P.N.P.

University of Phoenix, M.S.N.

David Luna; Director of Administrative Computing (2018)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.E.D.

Robyn Martin; Assistant Dean Enrollment Management and Marketing (2015)

Art Institute of Seattle, A.A.

University of Maryland University College, B.A.

American Public University System, M.B.A.

Susan Morss; Director, Adult Education (2012)

Beloit College, B.A.

Eastern New Mexico University, M.E.

Jeffrey Mountjoy; Director of Procurement Services (2018)

Northern Arizona University, B.A.

Cochise College, A.A.

Tracey Neese; Database/Systems Administrator (1997)

Cochise College, A.A.S., A.G.S.

Gilbert Parra; Director, Network/Enterprise Services (1994)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Abena Purnell; Grants Accountant (2017)

Eastern University, M.B.A.

Temple University, B.B.A.

Debra Quick; Registrar/Director, Admissions (1997)

Austin Peay State University, A.A.S., B.S.

Barbara Richardson; Assistant Dean of Outreach (2010)

Wayland Baptist University, B.S.O.E., M.B.A.

Nanette Romo; Director, Counseling and Advising (2004)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

Western New Mexico University, B.S., M.A.

Karly Scarbrough; Librarian (2016)

Cochise College, A.S.

University of Arizona, B.S, M.A.

Mark Schmitt; Director, Small Business Development Center (2008)

University of South Dakota, B.S.

University of Phoenix, M.B.A.

George Self; Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (2000)

Missouri Valley College, B.S.

Troy State University, M.S.

Bruno Talerico; Director EMS Programs (2016)

Arizona State University, B.S.N.

University of Phoenix, M.S.N.

Frank Villaseñor; IT Systems Administrator (1998)

Cochise College, A.A.

Phoenix Institute of Technology, A.A.

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Dr. John Walsh; Director, Library Services (2005)

University of Arizona, B.S., M.L.S., Ph.D.