College Locations

Automotive Complex

645 State Highway 92

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

(520) 224-5129

Automotive Complex Map -

In 2013 the automotive technology program began offering classes at the automotive complex on State Highway 92. All eleven courses of this degree are held at this facility. The automotive technology program offers degree and certificate programs, day and evening classes from full-time instructors.

Benson Center

1025 State Route 90

Benson, AZ 85602-6501

(520) 586-1981

Benson Center Map -

The Benson Center is a 13,000-square-foot facility that includes classrooms, computer labs, a learning center and interactive television capabilities. For-credit, developmental, and personal interest classes are offered in the day and evening. Full-time staff assists students with admissions, registration, placement testing and financial aid.

Douglas Campus

4190 West Highway 80

Douglas, AZ 85607-6190

(520) 364-7943

Douglas Campus Map -

The Douglas Campus is located in a scenic area between Douglas and Bisbee and serves approximately 1,000 students each semester with a diverse curriculum of general education, transfer and direct employment programs, and adult education classes. The campus includes residence halls, an on-campus airport and athletic facilities.

Douglas Prison


6911 North BDI Boulevard

Douglas, AZ 85607

(800) 966-7943

Cochise College provides an opportunity for incarcerated students to further their educational goals by offering career and technical education programs at the Douglas prison. Full-time correctional education faculty teach classes that provide incarcerated students with valuable knowledge and marketable skills necessary for them to contribute positively to their families and communities.

Downtown Center

2600 East Wilcox Drive

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 515-0500

Downtown Center Map -

In 2016, Cochise College began offering classes in a new facility on Wilcox Drive in downtown Sierra Vista. The Downtown Center offers degrees and certificates in nursing and health sciences, online, culinary arts and electronics technology. The center also provides continuing education classes and entrepreneurial advising through the Center for Lifelong Learning and Small Business Development Center.

Fort Huachuca

Army Education Center

Building 52104

Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-6000

(520) 533-2391

Fort Huachuca Center Map -

The Cochise College office on Fort Huachuca (Building 52104) provides advising and student services to military students and their families as well as civilians who can access Fort Huachuca. Classes are usually offered in eight-week sessions and meet in the classrooms at the Fort Huachuca Center (Building 67601).

Sierra Vista Campus

901 North Colombo Avenue

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-2317

(520) 515-0500

Sierra Vista Campus Map -

The Sierra Vista Campus is located at the eastern edge of Sierra Vista, approximately one mile northeast of the junction of state highways 90 and 92. The Sierra Vista Campus serves about 2,000 students each semester with a diverse curriculum of general education, transfer and direct employment programs, and adult education classes.

Willcox Center

470 N. Bisbee Ave.

Willcox, AZ 85643-1500

(520) 384-4502

Willcox Center Map -

The Willcox Center is located on Willcox Unified School District property near the community high school. The center, serving approximately 200 students with day and evening classes, opened in 2010 with several classrooms, computer and science labs, open study space, and interactive television capabilities. Full-time staff assists with admissions, registration, placement testing and financial aid.

*Cochise College is no longer accepting new student applicants for the Santa Cruz Center. The college will offer a teach-out plan for existing Santa Cruz Center students in order to provide them equitable treatment.