HLT 109 Nursing Assistant*

Approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing to prepare students for nursing assistant certification. Emphasis is on communication, patient safety, anatomy and physiology, specific patient-care skills, and patient rights. Includes the nursing process and the legal and professional responsibilities of the nursing assistant. Also covers the basic physical, psychosocial, and cultural needs of all patients, with special emphasis on the geriatric population. 

3 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory.





Appropriate placement measurement, MAT 081, or higher; placement into RDG 092 or exemption; and current American Heart Association CPR and First Aid certification for healthcare providers or concurrent enrollment in HLT 111. Students taking this course for state certification must be 16 prior to course completion, provide documentation of U.S. citizenship or qualifying alien status, undergo fingerprinting, pass a background check and drug screen, and have received absolute discharge from the sentence for any felony conviction no less than 3 years prior to submitting their application for state certification. The Arizona State Board of Nursing prohibits the use of medical marijuana.