Mission, Philosophy, Vision and Values


Cochise College provides accessible educational opportunities that are responsive to a diverse population and lead to constructive citizenship, meaningful careers and lifelong learning.


Cochise College provides post-secondary education and educational support services to students interested in and capable of benefiting from programs of higher education. The college prepares students for a successful life beyond the college by promoting the principles of general education as set forth in the college’s general education mission statement. Students should leave Cochise College with varied learning experiences and an understanding of the diversity of life. The college makes students aware of their ethical responsibilities to the community, the environment and their fellow human beings. The college provides educational opportunities, resources and programs tailored to changing social, economic and technological needs.


Cochise College strives to be a learning community held in high esteem by members of its communities, providing high-quality learning opportunities for its citizens.

A learning community

  • Places its highest priority, resources and energy on learning.
  • Creates an environment and experiences, real or virtual, that encourage students to be active members of the learning community.
  • Makes learning possible not only in the classroom but outside, through a myriad of activities and experiences, using any number of tools to enhance learning.
  • Extends learning not only to students but to all members of the college community so that a feeling of collegiality abounds.
  • Empowers students, faculty and staff to create a personally meaningful learning environment, where each accepts responsibility for contributing to the same.

Core Values

In all that we do—in teaching, learning and serving—we value quality, integrity, and diversity.

Quality: We commit to a quest for excellence and strive to achieve our highest potential.

Integrity: We base our decisions and interactions on honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, accountability, and ethical behavior.

Diversity: We respect differences between and among members of the community by embracing and encouraging the expression of ideas, opinions, and thoughts exchanged freely, respectfully, and civilly.