Admission Criteria

Anyone who meets one of the following criteria will be admitted:

  1. A graduate of a high school that is accredited by a regional accrediting association as defined by the United States Office of Education or approved by the Arizona Board of Education or the appropriate state educational agency;
  2. An individual with a high school certificate of equivalency such as a GED;
  3. A person 18 years or older on or before the first day of classes for which application is made;
  4. A transfer student in good standing from another college or university; or
  5. A high school student with a concurrent registration form signed by the student and a parent.

Additional admission criteria are required for international, aviation, nursing, policy academy, transfer and concurrent high school students.

Admission Procedures

Students will be admitted to Cochise College after the Admissions Office has received and approved their application for admission.

Border commuters and international students must submit an international student application and fee.

All applicants under the age of 18 must submit either an official high school transcript or GED certificate with test scores before registration is permitted. High school transcripts should be sent directly by the sending institution to the Admissions Office. Official transcripts carried by the applicant cannot be accepted if previously opened.

All applicants applying for admission to the aviation or nursing programs, those participating in athletics, or those who wish to live in the residence halls at the Douglas Campus must complete the Student Health Record: Part II. The college reserves the right to require a physical examination or immunizations when deemed necessary by a particular college instructional program.


Students who have been absent from Cochise College two semesters or longer will need to re-apply for admission prior to the beginning of the semester for which they desire to enroll.