Catalog Requirements

A student maintaining continuous enrollment in any public community college or public university in Arizona may graduate from Cochise College by meeting the requirements in the Cochise College Catalog in effect at the time of that student’s initial enrollment, or by meeting the requirements in any single Cochise College Catalog in effect during any subsequent academic year (fall, spring, summer) of that student’s continuous enrollment.

Continuous enrollment is defined as being enrolled during consecutive academic years in which course credit is earned. Noncredit and audited courses do not count toward continuous enrollment. For the purpose of determining a student’s catalog requirements, continuous enrollment is limited to the five academic years prior to the student’s current year of enrollment. The five-year continuous enrollment limit moves forward with the student into year six and beyond. Re-enrollment is required of any student who has not completed a course during a given academic year. In the event of re-enrollment, the student must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect at that time.

Military students and their dependents attending Cochise College under an SOCAD agreement are eligible for the catalog degree requirements of the catalog in effect when they begin taking courses and have a five-year period in which to complete the degree.